RB Bucks

Introducing RB Bucks, the exclusive loyalty rewards program offered by RB Sushi. As a member of RB Bucks, you'll earn reward points every time you dine at our restaurant, which can be used for credit. As a Rewards Program member, you'll earn points on both dine-in and to-go orders for meals and beverages (excluding tax, gratuity, catering orders, gift card purchases and third-party delivery services). You can sign up for rewards and check your points by directly following this red link RB Sushi Loyalty Page.


Every dollar spent at RB Sushi earns you 1 Reward Point (pre-tax value). Once you sign up you will receive a 200 point bonus. When you accumulate 400 points ($20.00), you can redeem your rewards. When redeeming, the full $20.00 must be used, and your subtotal (pre-tax value) must exceed $20.00. On Tuesdays, customers receive double points (pre-tax value). Please note that the loyalty program is specific to RB Sushi in Rancho Bernardo.


When you dine in or place a takeout order, you will be invited to join our loyalty program. Simply enter your email address, and the credit card you use for the transaction will be automatically enrolled and accumulate rewards anytime you use that card. If you prefer to pay with cash or a different card and still want to use your rewards, kindly inform our staff and provide them with your email.  It’s that easy!


Enjoy the advantage of being the first to receive emails featuring exclusive discounts, coupons, offers, and event announcements. These enticing offers are unique to RB Sushi and cannot be found anywhere else. Access these exclusive promotions through our VIP Rewards Program and social media networks. 


Please be informed that RB Sushi does not offer rewards for Uber Eats, Grub Hub, or any other 3rd party delivery service orders.


Member benefits are exclusively available to registered elite members. Only registered members can redeem awards and benefits. Please note that point cards cannot be combined with other discounts or bonus cards. Points cannot be redeemed with other bonus cards and are non-transferable. They hold no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Bonus points are not applicable to gift card purchases. Please safeguard your card, as RB Sushi is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Points cannot be awarded for previous visits and must be added at the time of purchase. We regretfully cannot transfer points between accounts. For assistance, customers may contact us at info@rbsushi.com. Our in-store staff is solely responsible for adding and redeeming points.