Planning Your Holiday Dinner With RB Sushi’s Catering Option

Festive food is a massive component of the holiday dinner, and while most opt for traditional dishes such as turkey and stuffing, surprising your guests with a modern take on holiday food may be an exciting way to spice up the evening’s dinner.

Sushi can come in a massive variety of flavor combinations and has a wide range of different fillings. Sushi catering can take the stress out of food preparation and also, this Japanese favorite is a wonderful, delicious, and nutritious alternative for the holidays.

Dinner party preparation can take a great deal of time and effort and as you’ll likely be occupied in the kitchen, can often mean that you’ll miss out on much of the enjoyment of the evening. Holiday dinners are usually comprised of several courses, and preparing for the dinner itself can take weeks, even months. You’ll need to shop in advance, and also in the days before to ensure that you are able to source and buy ingredients at the most favorable times. While dining at home is usually cheaper than dining out, the cost of a complicated holiday dinner can be significantly higher than a regular home-cooked meal.


Typical Preparation Timeline 


Advance Preparation

  • Source ingredients and ensure they will be available
  • Choose courses and cuts of meats
  • Buy decorations for the dinner table
  • Take note of guest’s food sensitivities, allergies, and dislikes


Short-Term Preparation

  • Buy non-perishable food items
  • Pre-order meats
  • Source wines to accompany meals


The Days Before

  • Get fresh ingredients delivered
  • Marinate meats
  • Prepare deserts
  • Prepare appetizers
  • Prepare the stuffing


On The Day

  • Cook meats
  • Cook side dishes
  • Prepare salads
  • Entertain guests
  • Ensure guests have drinks and snacks to hand


The Better Alternative

Instead of dealing with a long list of to-do items, why not save your self the stress and place a sushi catering order of your favorite dishes. Here are just a few rolls that will make your holiday dinner party that much more memorable:


1. Spicy Crispy Roll

This sushi roll is best for those who love the mix of spices. It contains tuna, avocado, jalapeno, and gobo that will tie in all the flavors. The crispiness comes from the sushi being deep fried to give it that extra texture.


2. Avocado Roll

The avocado roll is perfect for the vegetarians in your life. Its packed with flavorful, smooth avocado and plain rice. This one is also perfect for little ones who don’t like fish or those who like to stick to the basics.


3. Shrimp Tempura Crunch

This sushi roll is another classic, however, it is still mouthwatering and delicious. Made with shrimp tempura, which is a type of shrimp coated in crispy batter crumbs, the roll also contains krab and avocado. Best of all, its super crunchy!  


Dealing with Different Taste Palates

When entertaining a large group of people, it is inevitable that some will have specific dietary requirements, making meal preparation that much more challenging- and expensive! When preparing food to be shared amongst guests it can be difficult to judge how much to make, and there will almost always be food left over, including food waste. Used plates, glasses, and cutlery will need to be cleaned, and let’s be honest, no one likes washing up! The holidays should be spent with your family and friends and being stuck in the kitchen can take away from this special family time.

Sushi catering is the ideal solution as food can be made to suit the requirements of each guest, and quantity can be more easily judged. Sushi catering can provide a great option for those with specific dietary requirements, and tastes. Healthy sushi, vegetarian sushi, sushi rolls, and sushi party trays can be made fresh, on the day, and served to your guests as a tasty, exciting, and wholesome holiday meal. Skip the washing up, and the hours spent on food preparation and cooking, and spend the time with your family instead.


Get Ready with RB Sushi Catering

Order online in Rancho Bernardo this holiday season, and surprise your guests with a modern twist on festive food. We cater for all dietary requirements and make a range of fresh and delicious sushi for our customers to enjoy. Make this year’s holiday meal memorable.