Vegetarian Options for the San Diego Sushi Lover

Sushi is a Japanese dish prepared with rice, seaweed, and a variety of other ingredients, which most of the time include raw seafood. What most people don’t realize is that sushi doesn’t always have to include raw fish. A skilled sushi chef will craft the perfect sushi rolls by blending delicious complimentary ingredients to create the ideal flavor experience. Whether your vegan or vegetarian, If you are looking for a healthy and flavorful alternative at your favorite San Diego sushi restaurant, know that you can customize a roll to fit your dietary restrictions. Keep reading to learn more about of top vegetarian options for San Diego’s sushi lover.


Sampling Old School Favorites

When most people think of vegetarian sushi, a few traditional favorites probably come to mind. The cucumber roll has always been a hallmark of a classic sushi restaurant. It’s the perfect blend of seasoned cucumber with sesame and rice wine vinegar padded in between some sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed. It’s simple, elegant, and refreshing making it the perfect appetizer to kick off your sushi feast!


The Best of What’s Fresh

California living is all about enjoying the freshness. After delighting in the cucumber roll, most people choose to explore some of the other great options like the simply delicious veggie roll. This takes the cucumber roll up to the next level and adds in a variety of the raw, crispiest veggies. Here texture reigns supreme as you get the snap of fresh vegetables blended with the soft texture of the rice and seaweed.


The California Twist

It’s California, so naturally, one ingredient must always come to play somewhere in a dish—avocado! We enjoy avocado on everything from toast to milkshakes and, of course, sushi. Traditionally, the avocado wasn’t a part of Japanese cuisine as the tree tends to grow in warmer climates. But if you head to any sushi restaurant in Tokyo, you are sure to see a wide array of different rolls featuring the creamy treat. Our San Diego sushi restaurants offer a more standard avocado roll that gives you the creaminess of the avocado wrapped up and served alongside savory soy sauce. 


Your Sushi, Your Way

More than anything though, at RB San Diego Sushi, you have the option to customize your sushi any way you see fit. Our expert sushi chefs can whip up just about anything you can imagine. There are many excellent combinations such as avocado, bell pepper, and tofu roll. Any way you like it, we can make it for you! You can even order our sushi to go.


The Best of San Diego Sushi

At the end of the day, bringing you delicious, quality sushi is our primary goal. We offer not only unlimited sushi options but also free sushi delivery and secure online ordering. If you decide after trying the vegetarian rolls that you want to give the pescatarian diet a try check out these must-try sushi rolls.

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