Classic Sushi Rolls Every Beginner Should Try

If you’re a beginner to eating sushi, the number of sushi recipes on a menu may be overwhelming. Your best bet is dive right in with an all you can eat sushi restaurant. The only way to know what you like is to try a few different types in a non-commitment environment. If you’re new to sushi, here are some tips and recipes to try for a tasty and enjoyable introduction:


Starter Tips

As you start looking for sushi rolls, find something with familiar flavors. Many restaurants have sushi recipes with cream cheese, avocado, veggies, and tempura-fried options that are not too unfamiliar to your palette.

Sauces like soy and eel sauce are mild but pack flavor. Ask for a taster of a couple sauces if you’re unsure. And when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask your waiter or chef for a recommendation or translations on the terminology. Sushi can vary restaurant, so asking how a roll or dish is prepared at a specific location is normal.


California Roll

This is a staple dish for the beginner sushi eater. Traditionally, the roll is filled with krab and avocado and sometimes features cucumber. Krab (vs. the real crab) is an imitation product used in many sushi dishes that doesn’t lack the real crab experience! In a California roll, the krab is usually cooked. This is a great dish for someone who may be hesitant on “fishy” smelling or tasting dishes.


Philadelphia Roll

The Philadelphia roll is aptly named because of the cream cheese filling. Salmon and avocado round out the dish for well-balanced and mild flavors. If you’re not ready to dive head first into eating raw fish, this might be the roll for you. Typically, the salmon is smoked and has some of the texture of a raw fish dish without being completely raw.


Shrimp Tempura Rolls and Variations

A tempura shrimp roll is a classic choice – filled with krab, avocado, and of course, shrimp. Restaurants often offer variations of this classic roll, like crunch rolls with textured breadcrumbs or actually frying the exterior. You can add some heat with a spicy mayo or wasabi if you’re feeling adventurous.


Rainbow Rolls

Looking for the picture-perfect dish? Rainbow rolls come with several colorful assorted fish varieties atop the dish. There’s also the added benefit that you will be able to try several different varieties of fish in one order. For a beginner, this is a great way to feel out what types of fish you’ll order next time you head out for sushi.


Spicy Tuna Roll

Usually, the spicy tuna roll isn’t unbearably hot. Ask your waiter about the way this roll is prepared to understand just how spicy the restaurant makes the dish. You can always add heat with wasabi or additional sauce on the side if you’re ready for a roll with a kick. In a spicy tuna roll, you might also find spicy mayo and/or scallions.


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