The 8 Most Popular Types of Fish Served as Sashimi

Sashimi is a delicious Japanese dish that is made up of leaves and fish with a sauce of ginger, wasabi or soy. The fish is raw, and the cut chosen can alter the flavor dramatically. Some of the most popular types of fish chosen for sashimi include the following.


Salmon is vastly popular with people all over the world. Not only does it offer a delicious flavor, but thee bright orange color makes the sashimi visually appealing as well. You will hear this fish referred to as sake in Japanese restaurants.


Also known as Maguro, chefs use tuna for sashimi in many restaurants. There are different cuts of tuna, including otoro, which is the most expensive and found on the low part of the belly. It’s high in fat, which is considered a good thing in Japan.

A lower grade of tuna is chutoro, which is pink in color. It also has a higher fat content, but not as high as otoro. The lowest grade of tuna is akami, which has a deep red color.

Katsuo is a kind of tuna found in Japan, which is lightly cooked on the outside but kept raw on the inside. It’s often served with ginger and garlic.

Ahi Tuna

This type of tuna is actually two kinds: yellowfin and bigeye. Yellowfin has a milder flavor and generally firm in texture. Bigeye has more fat, which is considered a good thing in Japanese cooking. It ha a buttery flavor.


Halibut is a type of flounder and is best served cut thinly. The texture along the fin is a little tough and known as engawa. The fatty portion is softer and high in collagen, which improves the health of skin.


Another popular choice for sashimi is squid. The chef will julienne the squid into thin slivers of meat to create an attractive dish. Otherwise, it tends to be a bit flat and unexciting.


Also known as tako, octopus is sweet and delicious when cooked correctly. The chef will slice it very thinly to reduce the rubbery texture. While it’s most often boiled for meals, it is served raw in sashimi.

Japanese Mackerel

Japanese mackerel, otherwise known as saba, is often served grilled in Japanese restaurants. However, it can be served raw in sashimi for anyone who likes a bolder taste. It’s often served with grated ginger and diced green onions to complement the flavor and oily taste.


Yellowtail fish is popular during the summer when it’s in season. The light pinkish color is nearly translucent and the taste is creamy. It’s also leaner than other types of fish.

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