7 Vegan Options at Sushi Restaurants

Going out to eat can be tricky for vegans because so many restaurants rely on meat in their main dishes. Even restaurants that offer veggie-based options may still use animal-based products to prepare the food. An exception is sushi restaurants, which offer a few vegan staples you can rely on that are delicious, nutritious, and filling. Check out the seven top vegan options at sushi restaurants, below. Even non-vegans may want to share these dishes with you! 

Seaweed Salad

Another sushi restaurant staple, seaweed salad is 100% vegan and loaded with health benefits. Seaweed is a good natural source of iodine, which your thyroid needs to make hormones. Deprived of iodine for too long, a person can start to develop symptoms like fatigue, weight fluctuations, or neck swelling. Seaweed also has a number of vitamins and minerals, including folate, zinc, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, manganese, copper, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and K. Finally, it is antioxidant-rich and fiber-rich, and may help promote gut health as a result. Seaweed salad is often topped with sesame seeds, which are a great source of zinc, iron, B6, and vitamin E. 


Edamame is a dish of cooked soybeans. The beans in this classic sushi appetizer are boiled and lightly salted. Edamame is rich in fiber and soy protein, which is important for vegans to pay attention to since they aren’t getting their protein intake from meat or fish. Edamame is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin K, which can help decrease the risk of developing heart disease and may help improve cholesterol. 

Avocado Rolls

A simple but filling sushi roll, avocado rolls are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. They are usually prepared as avocado chunks rolled in sticky, sweet sushi rice wrapped in seaweed. Avocadoes are nutrient-dense healthy fats and are an important part of most vegans’ diets. They actually contain more potassium than bananas, are loaded with fiber, and can even help lower cholesterol levels. Most sushi rolls are served with a side of pickled ginger. Ginger is a natural palette cleanser, an anti-inflammatory agent, and a popular anti-nausea supplement. Hard to go wrong with an avocado roll!

Vegetable Tempura

This option is especially good for vegan-friendly people who don’t necessarily like the taste of fish! Vegetable tempura is exactly what you’d think it is—fried vegetables! What makes tempura different from any other type of fried food is the breading. Tempura batter is a traditional Japanese cuisine that they use in a variety of dishes. It is made of ice water (or sparkling water to keep the batter especially light), and a light flour (usually cake or pastry; but sometimes all-purpose); and that’s it! Some establishments, however, will add extra ingredients (egg yolk, baking powder, oil, or spices) to add additional flavor to the batter. Here at RB Sushi, our vegetable tempura comes with broccoli, kabocha, zucchini, onion, sweet potato, and carrots.

Cucumber Rolls

If you want more sushi, cucumber rolls are a nice supplement to the avocado rolls. These rolls are lighter and refreshing and are often included in other sushi rolls because they add the delightful “crunch” to the roll. Cucumbers are low in calories but are fiber-rich, hydrating, and packed with nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, and potassium. Higher consumption of cucumbers has been linked to lower blood sugar levels and weight loss. 

Fried Rice

This one actually comes as a surprise to many people, but yes, it is actually vegan-able! Come fried rice dishes may come with chicken, shrimp, egg, or oyster sauce, but here at RB Sushi, all of these ingredients are completely optional. Tell your server that you are vegan and we will make this dish work with your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Inari Sushi

You may not know this by its full name, but you’ve probably seen it at sushi restaurants. Turns out—it’s vegan! Inari sushi is a seasoned and fried tofu bean pouch. The pouch can be filled with other veggie toppings like avocado, but it can also be eaten alone—the fried bean pouch is flavorful on its own. It is often paired with avocado and topped with sesame seeds for added crunch, nutrition, and flavor. It also pairs well with a number of vegan-friendly Japanese drinks!

It can be hard to maintain a vegan diet when you are on the go and enjoy the ambiance of eating out. However, sushi restaurants offer plenty of vegan-friendly diets. At RB Sushi, choose from multiple dishes like seaweed salad, edamame, and cucumber rolls.